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so you know how a vulcan kiss is like this?


well i was in math class and and this guy and i were trying to high five but we were too far away so we just touched out two fingers together like this^^

and then i sat down and thought about it for a second.

then i went “hey patrick, are you a trekkie?”

and he went “no, but my parents are huge trekkies”

and i went “so you know what’s up?”

and he went “oh, i know what’s up.”

I ship it

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i was in my room and someone knocked on the door so i screamed “WHAT” very viciously because i was watching spn and this very handsome guy walks in with a vacuum and hes like “im ur cleaning lady im here to clean OOH IS THAT SUPERNATURAL” and he just drops the vacuum and sits on my bed and now we’re watching spn together what do i do

let him watch 

He called himself your cleaning lady

Keep him

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